Experience and talent permit us to offer a personalized service to our customers, which have led to ongoing long term relationships. The prestige that the firm has acquired over time, allows it to this date, to put up new representations in several states in Mexico.

Every time we have the opportunity to serve a customer we do our very best, adding a high sense of professionalism; putting behind the case all the backup and support from our team, which combines, both the corporate aspect and the litigation angle, which allows us a clear view of the legal consequences taken by our clients, from their various activities and businesses interactions. We advise and plan jointly with our customers the best way we can carry out their projects and solve their problems. They obtain as an added value: efficiency, certainty and legal security in their actions and thus protect their top assets, and at the same time reach their objective which is none other than success. Everyone in the office serves our customers in a personal and timely fashion, giving them top notch service which has distinguished us as an organization known for its friendly communication philosophy and its prompt execution of actions.

Our firm is composed of specialists in various fields, who serve two broad areas:

LITIGATION | Our specialists form a high quality team, focused in the areas of civil litigation, commercial, administrative, fiscal, and criminal law. We have successfully represented large enterprises in their most important litigation issues, listing them in an enunciatively fashion, they are: contractual liability, damage, administrative revocation, intellectual property, and labor, among other issues.
The prestige we have earned in this area, distinguish us clearly in the effective settlement of multitude of legal problems.

ENTERPRISES | We provide corporate advice to address the needs of domestic and foreign firms by giving them an integral solution to their problems and preventing future liabilities. Our work is highlighted by the permanent protection that our specialists provide to our clients, we always stir to cover their needs and give advice in their decision-making. All our professional services in this area benefit from our extensive experience in audits. We know that business dynamics and the risks involved in all operations, may reflect intensely on the prevention and protection of assets, and in all issues or contingencies, Sometimes it requires early planning in case of corporate growth, thus it is imperative to train systematically all the firm´s members in this area.

ENERGY | We specialize in energy-gas, oil and electricity, which explains our relations with various institutions such as the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) and the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). Given our broad and deep knowledge in this sector, we participate actively in the Editorial Board of several publications and in various forums related to it.
Similarly, we have been involved in projects of electric power plants and have become a leading firm in the Mexican spectrum, in the overall and integral attention to distribution companies of natural gas. We are familiar, and for us, become an everyday activity to deal with the formalities proper to the regulation in energy matters with the authorities, governmental entities and third parties.

FOOD | The cluster of cases in this industry allows us to consider our firm, as suitable for taking charge of issues arisen there off, and attend in a daily basis, all the activities of the enterprises engaged in this sector. We understand that our support should focus on the administrative regulation of their centers of production, packaging, distribution, sale and storage fronts, its relations with third parties as suppliers and customers, protection of intangibles such as trademarks, trade secrets, patents, etc…. Including, health regulations and NOMs where applicable; judiciary relationships with competitors, rules governing advertising, PROFECO, and in general, an opportunity to provide highly specialized services that completely cover all activities of such companies.

PUBLISHING INDUSTRY AND ENTERPRISES WITH REQUIREMENTS IN THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AREA | Corporation dynamics, in our law firm, has given us the experience necessary to provide comprehensive services in issues of intellectual property aspects in its two main branches: – Industrial Property and- Copyright. We search for good strategies and seek wide-ranging solutions to our customers needs; we know this aspect of the law requires high-quality counseling and the implementation of efficient actions that really shields and protects against third parties in an increasingly complicated world surrounded by piracy. The firm’s actions give a dose of protection in the administrative area, mainly in the criminal, civil and commercial sectors. As a preventive measure we support in the consulting of multitude of procedures that constantly arise, to prevent piracy and unfair competition.

ESTABLISHMENT OF INSIDE LEGAL AREAS | Advice on the creation of judiciary areas, their modifications, organization charts, powers, filing and other organizational aspects that will enable an internal legal team to work inside a company.